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Muscle relaxant injections for teeth grinding Part 3

By July 13, 2021July 14th, 2021No Comments

It is 20-days since I had top-up muscle relaxant injections (azzalure) and 5-weeks since the first treatment – and this update is a positive one!

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So, the big question is, am I still sporting chipmunk cheeks? NO! My masseter muscles have got lazier and therefore the initial reaction of chipmunk cheeks has gone down. Phew! I can feel that my bite at the back is weaker (but not weak) and I notice it when eating something like an apple – something that needs a lot of chewing. I still have the power, but it isn’t as strong.

I also notice that I am not clenching when I am typing (like right now!), driving, running a bath. This feeling is new to me – my jaw was very tense before and I can honestly say that I feel so much more relaxed, and not just in my jaw, my face, neck and shoulders, too.

Dr. Tania suggested that it would take up to 8-weeks to feel the full effects of the injections, but I think we are nearly at peak-NOT-GRINDING already. I have tried a couple of nights without my guard, and haven’t woken up with a horribly sore neck which means my muscles must be relaxing at night, too. I’m not going full no-guard just yet, until the suggested 8-weeks are up.

I feel really delighted that this has worked for me, despite the ‘lumpy’ start. The only thing with botox / muscle relaxing injections is that it wears off. It isn’t a cheap treatment either, but one has to weigh up the awfulness of wearing a smelly guard FOREVER or having a treatment like this. I know what I’m going to do – I’m going to go back for the needle.

Dr Tania Robakowska practices at 12 Cuthbert Rd, Westgate-on-Sea CT8 8NR 07488 511050 

Contact Dr. Tania on Facebook   

Muscle relaxant injections for teeth grinding with Tania costs £300. My treatment was gifted in exchange for an honest review.

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Lucy Baker

Lucy Baker

Lincolnshire-based Lucy Baker is the founder of Geriatric Mum blog and mum to three children who are age 12, 10 and 3. Lucy had her last baby at 43-years-old - which is why this blog was born.

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