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This blog is to support, celebrate and inspire women to feel good as a *cough* geriatric mum. I became a third-time Mum at 43, which inspired this blog. Read about some of my experiences, real-life interviews and much more. If you would like to connect with me, email directly here.



Three healthy fizzy drinks for kids that actually taste good

May 4, 2022
A couple of weeks ago I was sent a cool-looking box of drinks. Not a…

How to dye eyebrows at home

February 22, 2022
For the last few years I have noticed my brows getting more and more pathetic.…

Ask Geriatric Mum #2

February 19, 2022
Hi GM - I am 48 and despite hearing from and reading about women in…

Ask Geriatric Mum #1

February 12, 2022
I am a married woman of two children under 8-years old, have limited funds but…

Ask Geriatric Mum

February 9, 2022
Remember magazine problem pages? More!, Just Seventeen, Mizz, Jackie - these were just some of…

Music for wellbeing

February 7, 2022
This post isn't a do or don't essay about mental health (we see so much…

3 day juice cleanse experience

February 4, 2022
Headaches, mild colds and bloating were feeling all too normal for me over the last…

Role reversal

October 25, 2021
Three months ago we (myself and my husband) decided to move back to my home…

Magic, Illusion and Wonderville

July 27, 2021
Have you ever been to a magic show? I've seen magic performed at weddings or…

Muscle relaxant injections for teeth grinding Part 3

July 13, 2021
It is 20-days since I had top-up muscle relaxant injections (azzalure) and 5-weeks since the…

Muscle Relaxant Injections For Teeth Grinding Part 2

June 17, 2021
I am a bruxer. I suffer from bruxism, and it is pretty bad. 10-days ago…

Muscle Relaxant Injections For Teeth Grinding Part 1

June 10, 2021
I grind my teeth and it has been really getting me down. I have noticed…


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