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Kids Know What They Want And It’s Perfect!

By April 24, 2024No Comments

Have you ever noticed how kids just seem to know what they want, no questions asked? It’s pretty cool to watch, and there’s a lot we can learn from their natural wisdom.

Going with Their Gut:

Kids have a way of following their feelings without worrying too much. If they like a toy, they go for it. If they’re happy or sad, they show it without hiding. It’s like they have a secret superpower that helps them decide things quickly. We grown-ups pretty much always overthink stuff – but kids remind us to trust our feelings.

Being Themselves, No Pretending:

Children are the real deal when it comes to being themselves. They don’t pretend to be someone else. Whether they’re super excited or upset, they show it just as it is. It’s a great lesson for us to be ourselves which I know can be hard especially after becoming a mother – but sit with that for a moment – be You.

Simple Joys Are the Best:

Kids find joy in everyday things like playing with a cardboard box or splashing in a puddle. They teach us that happiness isn’t about fancy stuff – it’s about enjoying the little moments. I saw this yesterday when I was in the kitchen with my little boy, he was washing up and having the best time and it was truly beautiful.

Always Curious:

Have you noticed how kids ask many many questions? They’re curious about everything, which sometimes can be a little jarring if you are tired, but it is a really lovely innocent trait. Take this as a reminder that learning and exploring are fun, no matter how old we are. I worked with a coach a few years ago and reminded me to play with my kids, go on their scooters and have fun! It really helped me to see things from a new angle and to be as innocent and curious as a child.

Never Giving Up:

Watch a child learning to ride a bike, and you’ll see something amazing – they fall down but get back up, determined to keep going. Life can be tricky, but like kids, falling down and getting back up again is so important.

In a nutshell, our kids are like teachers showing us how to trust our feelings, be ourselves, enjoy the simple things, stay curious, and keep going no matter what. Nowadays I feel this every day as a mother. So, let’s celebrate their wisdom and learn from their ability to know what they want. As we watch and learn from them, life can become a little simpler and more inspiring.

So over to you, can you be more child-like and curious? Could you benefit from being more relaxed and carefree?

Thanks for reading,

Lucy aka Geriatric Mum (NOT Geriatric)

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Lucy Baker

Lucy Baker

Lincolnshire-based Lucy Baker is the founder of Geriatric Mum blog and mum to three children who are age 12, 10 and 3. Lucy had her last baby at 43-years-old - which is why this blog was born.

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