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Muscle Relaxant Injections For Teeth Grinding Part 2

By June 17, 2021June 18th, 2021No Comments

I am a bruxer. I suffer from bruxism, and it is pretty bad. 10-days ago I had muscle relaxant injections (bruxism treatment) for my awful teeth grinding / clenching issue – if you didn’t see the original post about the treatment, read it on the blog here: PART 1

This post, Part 2, will take you through what has happened since my muscle relaxant injections (azzalure) 10-days ago.

On the day of the treatment, I felt absolutely fine. No pain, no difficulties and I went to bed that night with my tooth guard in. I woke up feeling totally the same as I always do, with my icky tooth guard almost glued to my top teeth. It maybe too much information, but they get a bit slimy and smelly. Horrid.

Day 2: I was bathing my little boy and whilst he was splashing around I was aware that I wanted to clench my jaw, and that it felt a little different. I stood up and looked in the mirror whilst I clenched my back teeth together, and OMG! The area that Tania injected (masseter muscles) seemed to have changed shape. To be honest, I felt a bit shocked. They looked like little golf balls!

Can you see the enlarged muscle on the right of the picture? (below) which was taken on day 2, and an even bigger muscle on the picture below that? (see both sides of my face) which was taken on day 3.

lucy baker after botox injections for teeth grinding bruxism

Day 2

lucy baker after muscles relxant injections for bruxism botox for teeth grinding

Day 3

I messaged Dr Tania (with a video of my lumps) saying IS THIS NORMAL???? She assured me that because my masseter muscles have been so overworked, from grinding and clenching, they go through a state of hypertonia (Hypertonia is increased muscle tone, and lack of flexibility) before they get lazier. She actually called it “chipmunk syndrome”. Wow! OK.

I have felt a bit self-conscious about my chipmunk cheeks because it is noticeable when I eat. I showed my husband on day 3 and he couldn’t believe it – “It’s meant to go down!” I said.

That was 7-days ago.

When I had the treatment with Dr. Tania, she clearly said that it would take up to 8-weeks for the full effect of the muscle relaxant injections to work and for the muscles to stop working as hard. The idea behind the treatment is that the injections (azzalure) make the muscles lazy, and so I will clench less. The result being that because the muscles are not being used anywhere near the amount they once were (no more overnight massester weight training) they will lose strength – in the same way that muscle loses definition and strength when people stop pumpin’ iron.

I have noticed that my jaw feels a little lazier at the back now too, but with no negative effect on eating, drinking, or talking – phew!

So what next?

In one week, I will return to the clinic and have an assessment and follow up injections, if needed. Tania’s method is little-by-little, which is great because the small amount she has used has had a big effect on me.

I am sure that if muscles could talk, they would be asking me “WHAT THE FUDGE is going on?!” I would reply “hang in there guys, you need a sabbatical from all this midnight partying, this is the break that will calm and relax you!” ha ha – what nonsense, but partly true.

Since having this treatment and coming to the realisation that although I thought I was a relaxed person, I really might not be. I have booked a block of yoga sessions with a teacher I went to many years ago and am going to start mixed-level yoga once a week as of next week. You see, to grind my teeth to the point of neck ache, must be linked to stress, or underlying stress. I need to find the calm in my day, so as of Monday I’ll be rolling out my new mat and having a good old mindful de-stressing stretch.

I will update on my bruxism treatment after the next appointment with Dr.Tania (15-days after first treatment) and share how I am getting on.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned! Are you considering bruxism treatment?

Lucy, and my massester muscles! ūüėČ

Read my original post on my teeth-grinding (bruxism) here

Dr Tania Robakowska Address: 12 Cuthbert Rd, Westgate-on-Sea CT8 8NR            Phone: 07488 511050 Muscle relaxant injections for teeth grinding with Tania costs £300.

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Lucy Baker

Lucy Baker

Lincolnshire-based Lucy Baker is the founder of Geriatric Mum blog and mum to three children who are age 12, 10 and 3. Lucy had her last baby at 43-years-old - which is why this blog was born.

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