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Kids Fish Oil Supplements That Children Actually Like

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Have you ever tried to give your child cod liver oil (or fish oil), or taken it yourself? I honestly shudder about the memories of my mum giving me lukewarm cod liver oil on a spoon as a child. I think I took it a handful of times, after that refusing to ever do it again. Forgive me for this, but it repeats on you ALL day and the fishy taste does’t seem to disappear for hours. The same actually goes for the capsules, easier to take, but again the taste lingers all day long. Not for me. Due to the experience I had as a child with the liquid oil, I have never dared to give any of my three children cod liver oil, purely because I know what would happen, and I don’t think they would ever forgive me.

What is cod liver oil and why should we take it?

Cod liver oil comes from the liver of a cod. As the name suggests it is an oil that is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. It claims to have many health benefits* including; In children – support with good growth, development of the brain and central nervous system, eye health and immune response, and in adults – heart health, cognitive function, skin health and even studies have shown it can prevent some cancers when taken properly.

Myself and two of my children have trying out a new range of fish oil supplements by OSAVI and, wait for it, my kids actually take them without any fuss – I repeat – WITHOUT ANY FUSS! Nothing short of miraculous.

Introducing my testers; Ivy, age 10 and Rocky, age 4.

Chief testers

Excited by the idea that she had been asked to try out some new products, Ivy willingly took half a teaspoon of the Daily Omega Kids Lemon Flavour and exclaimed “that’s actually nice!”, followed by a “yum”. Let me make something really clear here – Ivy can be really fussy. She often tells me she doesn’t like that type of food (food with flavour or something she doesn’t recognise) and nearly always sticks to what she knows. The fact that she licked her lips after the teaspoon of Osavi was nothing short of a miracle. As a parent, I take a serious interest in my kids nutrition. Whilst I am not obsessive about what they eat, I do hope to give them a varied and colourful diet where possible. Granted, this is not always easy and it is actually harder to do with my 4-year old (he wanted a Prime drink at the weekend because he saw his teenage sister having one – errr no!).

I try to get my children to eat fish and seafood, but whilst easy to achieve as a young child – my son eats prawn linguine at nursery! – it gets harder as they get older. In my experience as a mum, the period between 6-years old and 13-years old is the bit when they turn their noses up, which is why fish oil supplements are a great idea.

My son, Rocky, was the next to try. He tried the Cod Liver Oil Kids, with dropper. I put the product into his mouth and his exact words were “a-liscious Mummy”. How was it that easy? I had trepidation that it was going to be traumatic and that I would witness cod liver oil being spat out onto my office floor, but it was quite the opposite.

Osavi with dropper (kids)

At the start of the trial, I had planned to document my findings in a daily diary format. The minute I had given the kids their first taste, I instantly knew that wouldn’t work. In fact it would have made a boring read:

Day 1 – Ivy took the Osavi without a fuss. Rocky took the Osavi without any fuss. Repeat sentences for 30-days! Whilst I haven’t made a diary about their experience, they have been taking it daily and I feel good as a parent knowing they are consuming omega 3 on a daily basis. In terms of noticeable effects, I don’t know if there are any visible signs of them taking Osavi. A lot of the good stuff happens on the inside (heart, immunity, nervous system) and so I have to trust the process as a parent that it is doing them good.

Daily Omega (lemon flavour) is actually good

Since mid-May 2023, I have been taking Osavi Daily Omega. I have to say, moments before I took my first spoonful I had to take a deep breath and say to myself, “it won’t be that bad”. To my surprise, it was ok! More than ok. It tastes mild with a touch of lemon and, here is the best bit, IT DOES NOT TASTE FISHY! Hallelujah! A fish oil supplement that actually tastes decent.

I am 47 and I have taken fish oil supplements on and off for years. I say on and off, but I really mean 20% on and 80% off. The truth is I’ve never enjoyed the after-taste, despite knowing that they will be doing me good. I am so grateful to have tried Osavi. I do need to admit I don’t always remember to take them on a daily basis, but I figure that 4 or 5 days out of 7 is way better than none! As I am approaching the big Five O, which is two and a half years away, I am more in tune with my health and wellbeing than ever before. I want strong bones, a healthy heart and good cognitive function for as long as possible. I want to be as fit and well for me and my kids as possible. I go to the gym three times a week nowadays and drink way less booze than I have in the past and so adding good supplements in at this stage of my life makes sense.

I don’t know if this is linked to my new found love of fish oils, but my hair and nails feel stronger and more conditioned – a benefit? If so, I like it!

Review summary: Never in a million years did I think my children (and me) would willingly take fish oil supplements – I am still shocked and delighted that they do. I’m not making a big deal of that to their faces, because you and I know exactly what will happen if I do.

Osavi Kids range

Osavi Marine range is available online via Power Body, Amazon, Vita Passion and Nature’s Choice Health Store.

I was kindly gifted a range of products from Osavi via Intandem Communicatons – THANK YOU! You have made my life as a mother, better.

Lucy aka Geriatric Mum

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*Please do your research about the health benefits for you and your family.


Lucy Baker

Lucy Baker

Lincolnshire-based Lucy Baker is the founder of Geriatric Mum blog and mum to three children who are age 12, 10 and 3. Lucy had her last baby at 43-years-old - which is why this blog was born.

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