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The groovy way to have breakfast

By May 26, 2023No Comments

I am a breakfast fan. I work from home and after what is always a manic morning with kids, I love sitting down and eating breakfast on my own, in peace. I kick the kids out to school, tidy up, eat and then head to my garden office to start work.

Most days I have porridge. Half water, half milk and lashings of honey.

Recently I have been trying out new toppings on my brekkie. I was *sent a box of goodies from the groovy food company and I have to say a couple of them will be firmly in my cupboards after my samples have gone.

The groovy crew

Featured in the pic above is agave nectar light amber and mild, organic agave chocolate sauce and organic agave nectar honey flavour.

I was sent organic extra virgin coconut oil and organic coconut sugar which I haven’t had time to try yet. It is half-term next week so I am going to try my hand at a bit of half-term baking (mess making) using these two things.

Agave is a natural product that comes straight from the organically grown Blue Webber Agave Plant in Mexico. It is an alternative to the common refined sugars and artificial sweeteners a lot of people are trying to cut back on, me included. I don’t like the idea of my kids cramming sugar in, which easily happens if I am not careful.

First up!

Organic Agave Chocolate Sauce

This stuff is DELICIOUS! Truly. A quick squirt of this on proper porridge always makes my morning. The beauty of this is that you don’t need a lot and it tastes like proper chocolate – you know that slightly bitter cocoa-y taste – blimey it is good. And, this is a big AND – all of my children love it. I make flapjack for the kids quite a bit (when I am feeling creative – ha!) and this is such a brilliant way to make flapjack taste chocolate-y – without the fuss of melting chocolate of adding tasteless chocolate chips that most supermarkets stock on the baking shelves.


Organic Agave Nectar Honey Flavour

I am a HUGE honey fan. I live in Lincolnshire and enjoy buying and eating honey from the local deli. It is my treat. A couple of mornings ago, I made porridge (I do eat other things for breakfast I promise) and decided to add the honey flavour agave nectar because I was feeling a bit wild. As a honey connoisseur (I’m kidding) I was surprised by the hit of sweetness, but I liked it. I have tried it again since and used a much smaller squeeze and it was good. I like the flavour of it and whilst it doesn’t taste like the honey I am used to, it reminds me of it. Out of all of the bottles I was sent, I have to say this is my least favourite – only because I am obsessed with real honey. I am going to try this one in the honey and ginger biscuit recipe my son and I make sometimes – I think it will work well.

Final one…

Agave Nectar Light Amber & Mild

Agave Nectar Light Amber & Mild

OK, this product is bloomin’ great! I make hot chocolate for the kids a lot and don’t like spooning piles of sugar in to satisfy their sweet teeth. Cue this groovy light agave and it does the job just as well. As a parent I feel satisfied that they are consuming something organic and natural and I love that it is 100% organic and the bottle contains 30% recycled plastic and is fully recyclable. I am a convert.

I must add that the word groovy is massively appealing to me because my mum used to describe things as groovy and I would cringe a bit as a kid. It is for that reason the brand has always caught my eye. I can hear her saying “you look groovy!”, and she still says it today.

I am really impressed with the groovy range and my absolute favourite is the agave chocolate sauce – please never stop making this one groovy gang!

Lucy aka geriatric mum

*Products gifted by Palm PR

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Lucy Baker

Lucy Baker

Lincolnshire-based Lucy Baker is the founder of Geriatric Mum blog and mum to three children who are age 12, 10 and 3. Lucy had her last baby at 43-years-old - which is why this blog was born.

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