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Ask Geriatric Mum #2

By February 19, 2022February 22nd, 2022No Comments

Hi GM – I am 48 and despite hearing from and reading about women in their 40s being more confident and feeling the best they’ve ever felt, well I don’t! I feel frumpy, past-it and a bit miserable – help!?


Frumpy, past-it and miserable are not good things to feel are they? Don’t worry, I have some suggestions that will get you feeling tip-top in no time.

I don’t know about your circumstances, but what I do know is no matter what your life-situation right now, you can feel good about yourself. It is allowed!

Get yourself a paper journal (lined A5 book is just the thing) and spend some time writing down things that make you a) feel good and b) feel rubbish. Writing these triggers down on paper, with pen, makes them real and can jolt you into realising more about what makes you tick, or not.┬áIf certain things make you feel miserable, can you remove them from your life? improve them? change them? And, those things that light you up, can you do more of them? For example, if singing makes you feel truly confident – can you do it for a choir or a band?

Life is for living and as I always say, we only have one life (my belief), so doing something now to ease the mood you are experiencing is so worth it!

How about getting a smart-fit-watch thingy and setting yourself a goal of XYZ steps-per-day? It is said that 10,000 steps is a good aim, although I have heard different from medical experts, but despite the argument over the number of steps, we all know that movement makes you feel good, is better for energy, aids digestion, helps sleep and it has a big impact on how you feel about your body – so perhaps this is worth a try.

Another suggestion would be to get some new clobber! Clothes and shoes can make everything better – albeit temporarily for some. New clothes don’t have to cost the earth but buying some decent well-fitting jeans, that make you feel fab, is so worth it. NEW UNDERWEAR is another item that gets over-looked but nice knick-knocks and a good bra are a winner when it comes to confidence and feeling less frumpy. Top tip: do not buy underwear online, I can guarantee you it won’t fit well enough, same goes for jeans. Go the the shops, try them on and whilst you are out, go and lunch on your own – always a lovely treat and a great confidence booster.

Lastly, get the red lippy out of the drawer ((if not red, go bright!) and wear it whenever you are feeling a bit crap. Nice looking lipstick changes how you feel and immediately moves you from drab to delectable!

Do let me know how you get on with these simple effective tips – and best of luck. Embrace your forties – have fun, be good, be naughty, make the most out of it! – you’ll be 50 before you know it.

Geriatric Mum x

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Lucy Baker

Lucy Baker

Lincolnshire-based Lucy Baker is the founder of Geriatric Mum blog and mum to three children who are age 12, 10 and 3. Lucy had her last baby at 43-years-old - which is why this blog was born.

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