Welcome to Geriatric Mum blog, a place for mums who happen to be older.

I’m Lucy, mother to two girls (11 and 8) and a little boy (2) who was born in January 2019, when I was 43-years-old. Geriatric is classed as 35+ here in the UK, and although I wasn’t ever directly called”geriatric”, I was referred to as of ‘advanced maternal age’ and as an ‘older mum’, and when I told my midwife at my booking appointment that I was born in 1976, she gasped!

I had my first baby at 34 (quite old), my second at 37 (already geriatric) and my third at the ripe old age of 43. What an awful expression!?

I am self-employed confidence coach and when I am not running around after three children by the sea in Kent, I am helping women with their confidence (website link here)

This blog is to support, celebrate and inspire women to feel great as an older mum. You can read about some of my experiences, real-life interviews and more – I hope you find it helpful.

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Lucy x

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